Screen-Free Week 2017 Endorsers

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  • Alliance for Early Childhood
    What they're saying
    “The Alliance for Early Childhood began its TV Tune out Week in 1995, the same year TV Turn off Week began. Over the years, we both changed the name of the week – to ScreenBreak and Screen-Free Week – to reflect the many changes in screen options and usage for children’s entertainment. However, both organizations continued to focus on the importance of a yearly opportunity for families to evaluate the impact of screens on their lives and to explore other options. As we both celebrate our 20th anniversaries in 2014, The Alliance for Early Childhood salutes the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and looks forward to many more years of providing screen-free weeks for families around the country.”
  • Families Managing Media
  • Family Servicies Network
  • Maternal and Child Health Access
  • Mercy Hospital Young People’s Healthy Heart Program
  • National Black Child Development Institute
    What they're saying
    “The National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) proudly supports Screen-Free Week as part of our strong commitment to promoting positive nutrition and fitness practices in Black communities. NBCDI’s long-standing efforts to actively promote children’s health and wellness serves as a vital component to our organization’s greater mission of improving and advancing the quality of life for Black children and families. In keeping with our efforts to increase health and wellness among Black children and families, NBCDI encourages children, families, schools, and communities to spend Screen-Free Week rediscovering the joys of life beyond the screen through discovery, exploration, and play.”
  • Power of Moms: A Gathering Place of Deliberate Mothers
    What they're saying
    “At Power of Moms, our goal is to gather deliberate mothers so we can encourage each other to learn, grow, and develop ourselves through the experience of motherhood. We believe families need to approach screen time purposefully, which is why our community of deliberate mothers heartily embraces Screen-Free Week. It gives families a chance to reevaluate the use of screens in their homes, space to find more creative uses for their time, and most importantly, an opportunity to focus on relationships and strengthen family bonds.”
  • Story of Stuff
    What they're saying
    “This year, we’re hearing parents, teachers, even teenagers complain of a growing concern about our screen-focused lives. We’re spending more time staring at screens and less time in the wonders of nature, in conversation with friends, reading, or engaged with others in community activity. It’s time to make a change. It’s not that we should chuck our screens entirely, but that we need a healthier balance. Screen-Free week is a great way to restore that balance.”
  • Sungarden Preschool
    What they're saying
    “Thank you, Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood, for Screen-Free Week. It is one of the best ways families can experience disconnecting from their screens and reconnecting with each other and the other things they care about in their lives. It’s a time to step back and reflect on the role media and technology play in their lives, and what they gain and lose by using it. And, it is a time to make decisions about what they want to change about their screen use when the week is over and they turn their screens back on. TRUCE has been concerned about the impact of entertainment media on children and families for over 20 years and we urge parents to take advantage of this special opportunity to promote the well-being of their families.”

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