Screen-Free Week 2018 Endorsers

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  • National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
  • National WIC Association
  • Nevada Public Health Association
  • New Dream
    What they're saying
    Screen-Free Week is a wonderful opportunity for individuals and families to kick-start new habits! So many of us complain about never having enough time, yet according to the latest Nielsen data, the average American adult spends nearly 11 hours each day consuming media – a half hour increase from one year ago! Let’s take back that time, and devote it to more of what matters in our lives. Let’s spend less time in front of our TVs and gadgets, and more time outside and enjoying nature. Less time on social media, and more time personally connecting with each other and our communities. Less time complaining about the state of our world, and more time working on solutions to the problems.
  • No App For Life
    What they're saying
    “There is simply no argument  children and teens who experience Screen-Free Week have the opportunity to actually feel the benefits of increased authentic human engagement.  We’ve been doing a screen-free week as part of the No App For Life challenge in schools and colleges that includes journaling/reflecting. Our participants arrive at such insights as ‘my relationships with my friends and family are now stronger.’ The documentary Celling Your Soul tells the story they wanted to share, and the peer-to-peer approach works as a great motivator for students who are gearing up for their own screen-free week.”
  • Outdoors Alliance for Kids (OAK)
    What they're saying
    “OAK envisions a world where all children and youth have the opportunity and encouragement to play outside and connect with nature. We are proud to endorse Screen-Free Week, which gives kids a nice reminder to unplug and get outdoors.”
  • Obesity Medicine Association
  • Obligation, Inc.
  • Outdoor Outreach
  • P.E.A.C.E.
  • Parent Coalition for Student Privacy
  • Parents Across America
    What they're saying
    “Parents Across America appreciates the opportunity Screen-Free Week offers families to fully enjoy quality time together – and perhaps reconsider how much digital technology to invite into our homes. We also hope that it will help raise awareness of the rapid growth of in-school technology and encourage parents to challenge school districts and states to be more cautious, diligent, transparent and accountable about their technology decisions.”
  • Peace Through Play Nursery School
  • Pearlstone Center
  • PEP (Parent Encouragement Program)
  • Pine Hill at High Mowing School
  • Power of Moms: A Gathering Place of Deliberate Mothers
    What they're saying
    “At Power of Moms, our goal is to gather deliberate mothers so we can encourage each other to learn, grow, and develop ourselves through the experience of motherhood. We believe families need to approach screen time purposefully, which is why our community of deliberate mothers heartily embraces Screen-Free Week. It gives families a chance to reevaluate the use of screens in their homes, space to find more creative uses for their time, and most importantly, an opportunity to focus on relationships and strengthen family bonds.”
  • Prevention Council of Roanoke County
  • Public Citizen
  • Public Health Advocates
  • Reach Out & Read
    What they're saying
    “The unprecedented explosion of screen-based media has fundamentally disrupted the experience of childhood, with unlimited content available at any time via TV, computers, and portable devices. From self-regulation skills, to language, attention, imagination, and mental health, mounting evidence suggests that the analog human brain may not be ideally suited for digital development, especially during the dynamic span of brain growth prior to age 5. Among the most potent drivers of ill-effects of excessive screen-based media is its tendency to interfere with and impair human engagement, particularly between grownups and children. By contrast, reading with a child is an ideal, time-tested means to promote such engagement, and the brain benefits that come with it. During Screen-Free Week, I encourage you to unplug from technology, plug in with your child, and share stories together. Your child will thank you – and you’ll thank them back!”
  • Research Institute for Waldorf Education
    What they're saying
    “It’s a beautiful world when we stop, slow down, and take a look! Driving fast and keeping our heads bowed towards our screens develops a special kind of myopia. To stop, refuse to bow, and to look around is a liberating thing. We are always grateful when Screen-Free Week comes each year as it gives a perfect excuse to pause, to breathe, to look. Work makes it difficult to have a completely free of screens week each time, but even a partial release is so refreshing! Give it a try. It’s worth it – and the natural world is waiting for our daily attention and appreciation.”
  • The Rockfall Foundation
    What they're saying
    “Central to Rockfall’s mission is the support of environmental education, including getting children outside and reconnected to nature. Screen-Free Week is an excellent opportunity to do this.”
  • Save Childhood Movement
    What they're saying
    “Screen-Free Week reminds us all to look closely at the impact of the digital world on human relationships and well-being and how our own behaviour has changed compared to our parents and grandparents. There is much to celebrate about the rapid advances in technology, but this seems to be coming at the cost of some disturbing changes in children’s mental and physical health and indications that this new world is making many of them feel very lonely and unhappy.”
  • Share Save Spend
  • Sierra Club
    What they're saying
    “Our kids’ lives are out of balance. While there is a time and place for electronics, today’s youth spend more time plugged in each week than I spend at the office. Sierra Club is happy to support a week that encourages kids to get off the couch and plug into nature.”
  • Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
    What they're saying
    “SDBP is proud to endorse Screen-Free Week. Time off from using technology for entertainment opens up opportunities for children to explore their own creativity in play, encourages play with others, supports physical activity and helps children develop a sense of mastery. Physical, social and emotional health grow when children are actively engaged.”
  • Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship
    What they're saying
    “Steiner Waldorf Kindergartens are screen and technology free and families are encouraged to support this at home. Child initiated free play enables and integrates development in all areas, and inspires imagination and creativity. Most important, it enables communication – verbal, emotional, empathetic – which screens today suppress. Our future depends on these basic but vital skills, and the life forces which engaging with nature and others gives us. Screen-Free Week reminds parents of possibility!”
  • Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition
  • The Story of Stuff Project
    What they're saying
    “This year, we’re hearing parents, teachers, even teenagers complain of a growing concern about our screen-focused lives. We’re spending more time staring at screens and less time in the wonders of nature, in conversation with friends, reading, or engaged with others in community activity. It’s time to make a change. It’s not that we should chuck our screens entirely, but that we need a healthier balance. Screen-Free Week is a great way to restore that balance.”
  • Trinity-First Day School
  • Troubadour Music
    What they're saying
    Troubadour Music is proud to endorse Screen-Free Week. What a great opportunity to unplug from the digital world and reconnect with each other. Congratulations to CCFC for this important reminder and for continuing this annual celebration.”
    What they're saying
    “Thank you, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, for Screen-Free Week. It is one of the best ways families can experience disconnecting from their screens and reconnecting with each other and the other things they care about in their lives. It’s a time to step back and reflect on the role media and technology play in their lives, and what they gain and lose by using it. And, it is a time to make decisions about what they want to change about their screen use when the week is over and they turn their screens back on. TRUCE has been concerned about the impact of entertainment media on children and families for over 20 years and we urge parents to take advantage of this special opportunity to promote the well-being of their families.”

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